I have used a plugin called Amazon product in a post. It works okay with posts type. It adds custom fields in the posts page. But, I have made another custom post type called products. It does not work with that. I want the custom field appear in Products post type.

I have used few suggestions. Adding plugin in custom posts type but it did not work for me.

I have googled, tried several plugins but none of these seems to work. Can anyone suggest me another plugin or any other way to solve my purpose. What I want to do is, add amazon selected books to my website, in my custom post type pages. I have tried adding

    global $appipBulidBox;
    $custom_post_type = 'put-post-type-here';
    add_action('admin_menu', create_function("$appipBulidBox",
"if( function_exists( 'add_meta_box' ))add_meta_box( 'amazonProductInAPostBox1',
__( 'Amazon Product In a Post Settings', 'appplugin' ), 'amazonProductInAPostBox1', $custom_post_type, 'normal', 'high' );"));

But It did not seem to work. Thanks in advance

  • I'm not sure you can use the variable $custom_post_type inside the newly created function without providing it as argument/paramenter. Try including it after the first (and only) argument $appipBulidBox (which is not being used so far...?).
    – tfrommen
    Mar 7, 2013 at 17:53
  • 1
    I did not understand exactly what you mean by that? Can you tell me clearly.? Mar 7, 2013 at 18:32
  • Well, I meant just to replace your add_action with this add_action('admin_menu', create_function("$appipBulidBox, $custom_post_type", "if( function_exists( 'add_meta_box' ))add_meta_box( 'amazonProductInAPostBox1', __( 'Amazon Product In a Post Settings', 'appplugin' ), 'amazonProductInAPostBox1', $custom_post_type, 'normal', 'high' );"));. I haven't tested that and I don't really get what you want to do (or what your problem is), but maybe that way you have access to the variable $custom_post_type. Anyway, what is the other argument $appipBulidBox for? You don't seem to use it.
    – tfrommen
    Mar 7, 2013 at 19:24
  • NO luck. I want to add amazon products to my website. I add products to my website through custom post type called 'Products'. So, I have been trying to activate plugin for that custom post type. Mar 8, 2013 at 2:01

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Suresh what is the custom post type you want to hook into? You need to make sure you change the $custom_post_type = 'put-post-type-here'; line to be the actual custom post type slug you want to hook it into. Then, I would suggest adding the function to the functions.php. And try it this way:

function new_appip_custom_post_type_metabox(){
     if(function_exists('amazonProductInAPostBox1') && function_exists( 'add_meta_box')){
         add_meta_box( 'amazonProductInAPostBox1','Amazon Product In a Post Settings', 'amazonProductInAPostBox1', 'put-post-type-here', 'normal', 'high' );

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