I have working search for a created wp_list_table. But i like to know how I can search in more than one column.

My current my working search setup in a Visitor class

//search something
$searchcol= array(
$search = !empty($_REQUEST["s"]) ?  mysql_real_escape_string($_REQUEST["s"]) : '';
//$search = preg_replace( "^$\**(.*)\**$?#", "*$1*", $_REQUEST["s"] );
if(!empty($_REQUEST["s"])) {$query .= ' WHERE '.$searchcol[1].' LIKE "%'.$search.'%"';}

here I just searching in the visitorName column, but i like to use the $searchcol to search in.

A foreach loop

foreach( $searchcol as $col) {
    if(!empty($_REQUEST["s"])) {$query .= ' WHERE '.$col.' LIKE "%'.$search.'%"';}

didn't work


Ok i see my WHERE mistake

I made this working solution doesn't look pretty

$i =0;
        foreach( $searchcol as $col) {
            if($i==0) {
                $sqlterm = 'WHERE';
            } else {
                $sqlterm = 'OR';
            if(!empty($_REQUEST["s"])) {$query .=  ' '.$sqlterm.' '.$col.' LIKE "%'.$search.'%"';}
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