In a custom post type, I first got all the revisions using wp_get_post_revisions().

I looped through, and compared metadata and postdata to see the differences between the two. However, it seems that when I employ the same strategy on get_the_terms(), I'm getting the proper taxonomies for the actual published post, but the revisions do not have any taxonomy data.

How can I save taxonomy information for revisions?

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WordPress only supports revisions for post content, not terms.

To create a system that monitors changes in post-term relationships over time, you would have to write a plugin that explicitly handles that.

If you're interested in going down that route, you would probably need to use the save_post hook to save term data (saving as serialized post meta would probably be best) and the add_meta_box hook to output a list of term updates/revisions.

This would be decoupled from the existing revision system unless you wanted to get even more technical, but it might be the most expedient way to get what you want.

  • I think I'll do something similar to what you're suggesting. While looking through the core code, it looks like the only thing missing when creating a revision is the call to put terms in the database. I wish there was an action that allowed me to do that manually on wp_is_post_revision. I think I'll go the save_post route and save the terms as metadata. It'll give more flexibility anyway. Thanks. Commented Feb 26, 2013 at 18:38

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