I'm able to list users by a single role only. When I try and add an array to the code below I just get a list of all authors. I'm sure that it is something straight forward that I'm missing.




            $roles = array('guest-teacher', 'president', 'core-faculty');

   $args  = array(
     'meta_key' => 'last_name',
     'role'     => $roles

    $wp_user_query = new WP_User_Query($args);
    $wp_user_query->query_orderby = str_replace( 'user_login', 'lsjs_usermeta.meta_value', $wp_user_query->query_orderby );

    $authors = $wp_user_query->get_results();

    // Check for results;
    if (!empty($authors))
        echo '<ul class="permanent">';
        // loop trough each author
        foreach ($authors as $author)
            // get all the user's data
            $author_info = get_userdata($author->ID);
            $url = get_author_posts_url($author->ID);  


        <h3><a href="<?php echo $url; ?>"><?php echo $author_info->last_name; ?></a></h3>

        echo '</ul>';
    } else {


Unfortunately, you cannot pass an Array of User Roles to WP_User_Query. The role argument only accepts a String, which is then cleared by a trim command.

See user.php on Line 495, where prepare handles the Query for the Constructor after parsing the $args.

  • Hm, I am not sure about that - try -role, but I think it won't work. – fischi Feb 26 '13 at 12:48

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