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On my site, commenting is not enabled.

But at the top of each blog post (except for one, strangely), there's a 'Leave a reply' link.

(the link doesn't do anything -- but the words 'leave a reply' sitting there obviously make it look like you can leave a reply...)

I don't see any 'discussion module' in my edit-post page.

Here's an example page with a 'Leave a reply' link, just under the post title:


I'm on Mac Chrome -- in case it's a small browser-related bug...

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    What Theme are you using? Please post relevant code. – Chip Bennett Feb 25 '13 at 20:00

Maybe you have forgotten to wrap the comments_popup_link() with if ( comments_open() )

if ( comments_open() ) :
  comments_popup_link( [...] );

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