I did a custom post query for AIO Events Calendar, as described here: All in One Calendar Plugin Custom Post Type Query

But it doesnt work.

<?php echo esc_html( $event->cost ) ?>

returns the cost, but

<?php echo $contact ?>

and any other variable without $event-> returns nothing.


Anything that comes out of this query-- $event = Ai1ec_Events_Helper::get_event($post->ID);-- will need the $event-> part. That is how you access data from an object. That is just pure PHP.

I don't know why some of the values in that answer, like $contact, are not prefixed with $event-> but I am assuming those variables do not come from from that query.

Add var_dump($event); immediately after $event = Ai1ec_Events_Helper::get_event($post->ID); and you can see what information is in that object.

  • Thank you! You are right, the variables that I got from var_dump have different names than the variables without $event->. Thats why prefixing them didnt work. Now I have everything I need. – Sebastian Starke Feb 17 '13 at 19:38

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