I own a network of 100+ Wordpress based websites. All website are separate installations of Wordpress and are on different servers. I would like to

  1. create one contact form
  2. have it shown in the sidebar all of my Wordpress websites and
  3. capture the responses in one database (instead of getting 100's of emails).

Ideally the form would be created and hosted in one place and then embedded into the other blogs (via iframe or other method?). That way I'd only have to make changes to the form in one place and have them apply to all sites.

I know there are countless plugins for creating contact forms, but none that would seem to address this situation. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Further, I'm not opposed to hiring someone to help with this situation if it's beyond the scope of this websites.

All the best, JB


the easiest way i can think of is to use a plugin that creates a form by shortcode like contact form 7 for example and I'll break it in to easy steps.

  • Create the form on your main site or what ever site you would like to manage the forms data through.

  • Create a page template with no header or footer just a plain loop and call the_content.

  • Create a new page , add the Form's shortcode to it and set the template as your new page template.

  • Get the URL of that page and create an iframe to it.

  • On each site you would like to show the form just add the Iframe code to a sidebar text widget.

and that should do it.

Oh wait, you will probably need to add Contact form 7's Javascripts and css and i just read your question again and you are looking to save this forms in to database and since this plugin does'nt save to database on its own you can use an extenstion plugin called Contact Form 7 to Database or use a different forms plugin all together.

Hope this helps

  • Hello Ohad, that sounds like a really cool solution. I'll give that a try. Thank you very much for taking time to answer my question. – John Bates Feb 6 '11 at 17:31
  • i just read some more and you can add a var to an hidden field to know from what site it came form. – Bainternet Feb 6 '11 at 18:09
  • Do you recall where you read about adding a var to a hidden field to know what site it came from? I'm a noob at this stuff. – John Bates Feb 6 '11 at 18:24
  • its a plugin now here wordpress.org/extend/plugins/… enjoy. – Bainternet Feb 6 '11 at 18:41

It better you can develop a form with PHp / HTML and store the form in javascript function and test it submission to a database folder.

Call that javascript by jsut adding a script code to number of website and all the submission will go to one database

you can use this database to transfer the form queries and responses to Crm

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