I have a few search filters set up and I found a few posts that shouldn't be in the search results. On looking into it further I found these posts match 'part' of the keyword.

For example, searching for 'car' would match posts with 'carried', 'carbon', 'scar' and anything else with car in the word. I really want this to only pull posts that match 'car' exactly.

Is this how wordpress works by default? I've already tried the 'exact' => true argument on WP_Query but that makes the search horribly specific when using category filters etc.

How can I set it so it matches keywords exactly?

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You might want to append the query parameter sentence=1 in your search, it is not well documented, but it should retrieve content inside the post that matches exactly the sentence pattern.

Alternatively, for a more powerful search, you might want to give a look at Relevanssi plugin. A lot of people agree that Wordpress search engine is… lacking, to say the least.

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