I'm looking for something very specific: I'm using a plugin called "Category and Tag Specific Widgets" to create category-specific html in the sidebar of each category. This only works if I click on the category name (www.myblog.com/category), but on a single post (www.myblog.com/category/post) it doesn't work...

Is there a way to modify the single.php file so it ties the single posts to the categories?

My permalinks are set to %category/%postname


The plugin you are describing hasn't been updated in nearly two years.

Here is a method to do what you want, in a better way. It lets you use ANY widget on posts in certain categories.

Content Aware Sidebars

Manage an infinite number of sidebars. Make your WordPress site even more dynamic and boost SEO by controlling what content the sidebars should be displayed with. Creating flexible, dynamic sidebars has never been easier, and no code is needed at all as everything is easily done in the administration panel. No extra database tables or table columns will be added.

  • Thanks for the tip, installed it, but has the same problem as the plugin I used before. If I create a sidebar for a specific category, then the sidebar does not show up if you open a single post within that category... – user27267 Feb 10 '13 at 16:12
  • OK! Got it! Changed the permalink structure to postname only and everything shows up fine now! Thanks for the help! – user27267 Feb 10 '13 at 16:22
  • You're welcome. Be sure to click the check mark on solutions that you use. – Travis Pflanz Feb 10 '13 at 17:32

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