I've started fully integrating the Wordpress Theme Customisation API into my Wordpress theme and it's phenomenal. One issue I've encountered is that including the default colour picker is great, but I am trying to determine how to change the configuration options for the Iris colour picker being used.

By default the colour picker in the Theme Customization pane has a colour palette beneath the picker and on the right hand side it has a lightness vertical bar. I would like to mimick the settings I am using on the front-end of my theme (using the Iris picker).

How would I go about changing the Theme Customization colour picker to use these settings? See below for the settings I am using for the front-end of my site for something completely different.

        border: false,
        controls: {
            horiz: 's', // horizontal defaults to saturation
            vert: 'l', // vertical defaults to lightness
            strip: 'h' // right strip defaults to hue
        mode: 'hsl',
        palettes: false,
        width: 160,
        change: function(event, ui) {
            var selectedColor = ui.color.toString();


            // Set our cookie to last for 1 day
            $.cookie('spot_colour', selectedColor, { expires: 1, path: '/' });

            // Apply any selected colours

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The color picker thing is registered as a jQuery UI widget, so you could modify its prototype object before the widget is used in the page:

add_action('customize_controls_print_footer_scripts', function(){



      $.wp.wpColorPicker.prototype.options = {

        border: false,
        // other options here...




(You should put that in your .js file)


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