I have a small isuue, this code retrive me the parent categories from a post type.

The post_type is : serial The taxonomy is : seriale

$terms = get_terms('seriale','child_of=668');foreach ($terms as $term) {echo '<a href="'.get_term_link($term).'">'.$term->name.'</a>';}

The problem is: after i added another post in my site it my theme it aprear on all duplicate.

EX: First post - i select Year 2011 Second post - i select Year 2012

In archive it retrive me for the first and second post...

:2011,2012 ...

I want to be able to get only wath i select... I want to get categories only for child_of=668

Wath im doing rong. Thanks

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get_terms retrieves all terms in a taxonomy, not terms added to a post.

you want to use get_the_terms to retrieve terms assigned to a specific post. there are no additional arguments to filter the list of terms returned, you'll have to manually check a term's parent to only output terms that are a child of a specific term id.

$terms = get_the_terms( $post->ID, 'seriale' );
foreach( $terms as $term ):
    if( 668 == $term->parent ){
        echo $term->name;

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