Wordpress is installed my root directory(/root/). I have a subdomain(dammani.techbrij.com) and I want to access some files of main domain from sub domain. I have done following thing:


Now, "http://techbrij.com/dammani" is working fine, but "http://dammani.techbrij.com" not working. It redirects to main domain.

If i give any wrong path in include_once, I'm getting error without redirect. Let me know how to fix this issue.

Edit: I'm using same database for my app. So i want to use same wpdb functionality for subdomain.

  • It would be helpful to explain why you're including those files so anyone answering is in a better position to advise you on alternative methods. It may even serve as a better question to ask "How do i X" (whatever you're attempting to do) rather than "I did X and it caused Y, how do i fix it"... – t31os Feb 2 '11 at 15:45

I am not sure if that is cause of your issue, but you do not load WordPress in correct way.

Please see Integrating WordPress with Your Website in Codex for details.

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