Recently I purchased a VPS from intovps.com, And first time I configured a fully unmanaged VPS through ssh comands. My website is working into it, properly. Now I just want to know how to secure it?

I started my process of configuring VPS in this way:-

Installed LAMP, phpmyadmin, restored the backup(wordpress & mysql), installed vsftpd for ftp access, added a user into FTP(user can navigate into any directory over the entire VPS, but change anything)

Now after everything, I just want to know the security steps for my VPS. I have heard from my friends that after configuring a VPS, it also needs to be configure for security. In VPS, I have only one user added for ssh access, which is default,and I just added one ftp user.

Now I want that the ftp added user should just navigate to the /html directory, where my website is installed, and has all writes to change everything

And any suggestions or tricks or steps for making server more secure?

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Have a look at this excellent question and answers on Server Fault that discusses how to secure your LAMP stack.

Make sure your FTP user can only access the directories you want.

Setup sudo to allow a non root user to run commands as root. Lock down your ssh so that root cannot log in set

PermitRootLogin = no in /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Enable passwordless public key login for ssh. Disable ssh password login

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