Can't get options with $data['variable'].

(I'm use SMOF - Slightly Modded Options Framework)

For example in the header.php (index.php, footer.php, etc.):

global $data;
$logo_type = stripslashes( $data['type_logo'] );

and nothing happens, variable $logo_type contains nothing.

But if I use the same code in the \css\styles.php - all works fine. Code from \css\styles.php:


/* Background Body */ 
$bg_color = stripslashes ( $data['ct_bg_color'] );


/* Body BG Color */ 
body, .body-class { background-color: <?php echo $bg_color; ?> 

Function as part of framework :

/* Generate a static css file from the defined options
// This function will generate a static css file which you can use in your theme.
// Some examples of the dynamically generated options has been defined in css/styles.php
function generate_options_css($newdata) {

    $data = $newdata;   
    $css_dir = get_stylesheet_directory() . '/css/'; // Shorten code, save 1 call
    ob_start(); // Capture all output (output buffering)

    require($css_dir . 'styles.php'); // Generate CSS

    $css = ob_get_clean(); // Get generated CSS (output buffering)
    file_put_contents($css_dir . 'options.css', $css, LOCK_EX); // Save it


Link to Framework files: https://github.com/sy4mil/Options-Framework/tree/master/admin/functions

First encountered this problem... And can not understand what could be the problem (php, web hosting, etc.)

Anyone else encountered this problem?

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    Please post the relevant code from css/styles/php. – Chip Bennett Jan 21 '13 at 16:00
  • <?php /* Background Body */ $bg_color = stripslashes ( $data['ct_bg_color'] ); ?> /* Body BG Color */ body, .body-class { background-color: <?php echo $bg_color; ?> } – user771417 Jan 21 '13 at 23:32
  • Please add that as an edit to your question, rather than as a comment. :) Also: that doesn't have all of the relevant code. To wit: it doesn't include the code that defines $data. – Chip Bennett Jan 21 '13 at 23:35
  • It's all code, and it works :) PS: added to the start comment. – user771417 Jan 21 '13 at 23:37
  • Thanks for the question edit. It helps keep things cleaner, and easier to follow. :) But you've still not added the code from /css/styles.php that defines $data. It's in there, somewhere, in that file. – Chip Bennett Jan 21 '13 at 23:44

This is actually a PHP question, and not a WordPress question.

The issue is that global variables don't pass through the include()/require() call from the template file into header.php.

The solution is to define $data after you globalize it.

Without knowing your options framework or your Theme specifically, I can only answer in general terms; that said, you would likely define $data like so:

global $data;
$data = get_option( 'some_option' );


global $data;
$data = framework_get_options();

Hint: take a look at /css/styles.php to see how your framework/Theme does this, specifically.

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  • This framework works fine on the thousands websites. And I'm trying to understand what could be the problem. Unique situation. – user771417 Jan 22 '13 at 20:48

Maybe this help i use it...

Single Data:

<?php global $data; echo $data['your_option_id']; ?>

Conditional Data:

<?php global $data; ?>
<?php if($data['your_option_id']): ?>
   <?php echo $data['your_option_id']; ?>
<?php endif; ?>

Conditional Data with Default Data

<?php global $data; ?>
<?php if($data['your_option_id']): ?>
   <?php echo $data['your_option_id']; ?>
<?php else: ?>
   My Default Data
<?php endif; ?>
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