We have many WordPress sites on different hosts with different domain names.

Is there any solution for accessing all posts and settings with a central management tool?

It's been very hard for us to open 10 sites in 10 tabs and set one desired configuration in all of them.

I know that WordPress has a version for Multisite, but this is this useful for multi site on one domain? Or can we use it to host different sites on one host?

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For remote management of many installations of WordPress, I know of two options, one paid, one free.


ManageWP is a WordPress management console that gives users full power and complete control in managing virtually any number of WordPress sites in the easiest way possible.


Manage multiple WordPress installations from a single dashboard using our free self hosted software.

As for WordPress Multisite, two references:

  • +100 to these two articles about multisite ... thanks a lot to you @brasofilo Jan 24, 2013 at 4:13
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