I'd like to be able to register multiple copies of the Quick Search Widget in the code below, so that I can have it multiple sidebars. The code has been taken from a plugin I've downloaded

function quickSearchwidgetform()


  include(WP_DSP_ABSPATH . 'wp_search_wiget_form.php');


function widget_dspquicksearch($args) {


  echo $before_widget;

  echo $before_title;?>
Quick Search<?php echo $after_title;


  echo $after_widget;


function dspquicksearch_init()



    'dsp_quick_search_widget',        // your unique widget id

    'Quick Search Widget',          // widget name

    'widget_dspquicksearch',  // callback function

    array(                  // options

        'description' => 'A Quick Search widget that displays dsp dating quick Search form.'




add_action("plugins_loaded", "dspquicksearch_init");

Now I've read in the codex that the new updated method of registering a widget, should be done by register_widget() - however, when I update the code below to use this, the widgets page in my admin screen goes completely white.

Admittedly I may be out of my depth here, but am keen to learn how to fix this. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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You really need to be using the Widget API.

Here is a widget shell to get you started.

class WPSE_Widget_Shell extends WP_Widget {

  function __construct() {
    $opts = array(
      'description' => 'Brief description; shows on the backend'
      'Widget Name', // shows on the backend

  function form($instance) {
    echo 'backend widget form (optional if you have not user configurable options)';

  function update($new_instance,$old_instance) {
    // Process backend form data
    // optional if you don't have a 'form' method

  function widget($args,$instance) {
    echo 'Front end widget display';

function register_my_widgets() {

You are extending the widget class at wp-includes/widgets.php so it is good to keep an eye on the parent class. You can use the default widgets as patterns.

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