I am using the below wpdb->prepare function in a sql statement. I am passing in several variables some field names and some values. When I try to use the %s for the field name it puts single quotes around it. How can I prevent the single quotes around the field name? The sql statement will not execute with the single quotes?

$query = $wpdb->prepare("SELECT DISTINCT wp_geo.%s, wp_geo.$field2 FROM wp_geo WHERE wp_geo.$field3=%s",$field1, $typevalue);

Output with single quotes around 'county_short' field name:

SELECT DISTINCT wp_geo.'county_short', wp_geo.county_slug FROM wp_geo WHERE wp_geo.type='trailers'

  • yes, for example, how can I avoid quotes on WHERE ID IN ('26975,27015,27016,27017,27018') ? $wpdb->prepare wraps my ids with quotes ! – gordie Dec 12 '18 at 0:04

You cannot suppress the quotes in $wpdb. Run mysqli_real_escape_string() in your script on these variables.


You can't use prepare() on column names, only on values.

  • +1, the %s is intended as a placeholder for string variables only. If the column name is unknown (though rarely is) whitelist it. – Stephen Harris Jan 8 '13 at 14:27

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