How can I add shortcode functionality to a WordPress theme that doesn't support shortcodes?

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    What do you mean "doesn't support shortcodes"? That shortcodes don't work when your theme is activated, or that the theme creates no custom shortcodes for you to use? – shea Jan 7 '13 at 22:18
  • be aware that there are only two generic shortcodes: [gallery] and [caption]; what shortcodes are you trying to use? – Michael Jan 7 '13 at 22:52

Your theme has to be removing the shortcodes.

  1. Look for remove_shortcode in the theme's files, probably functions.php.
  2. Or remove_all_shortcodes.
  3. Or it has to be removing do_shortcodes from the the_content hook. Look for remove_filter('the_content','do_shortcode',10).

If that doesn't do it, the theme is probably doing something odd with the post content-- like bypassing the normal WordPress functions. And fixing that is going to take a lot more information.

  • I've tried searching for those lines of code however I couldnt fine anything pertaining to shortcode. here's the code. – user608518 Jan 7 '13 at 22:04
  • Where is what code? – s_ha_dum Jan 7 '13 at 22:08
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    Please post your code in between backticks ` – shea Jan 7 '13 at 22:35

Theme I had did things like (don't know what's the problem here yet):

<?php $page_content = get_post(); ?>
  <?php echo $page_content->post_title;?>
  <?php echo $page_content->post_content;?>

echo the_content() didn't do anything. I had to replace a line with

<?php echo do_shortcode($page_content->post_content);?>



If your theme doesn't include [shortcodes] out of the box they can be added by creating them in the functions.php file.

Here is a basic shortcode to get you started:

// add divider shortcode
function divider(){
    return '<div class="divider" style="border-top:1px solid #d1d1d1;margin:10px;">&nbsp;</div>';
add_shortcode('divider', 'divider');

I could have also added the divider class to my stylesheet but for purposed here I left it in the function.php file.

Then in your post/page content area all you need to do is type in [divider] and it will render the div as you have styled it.


I had the same problem, for some reason I had shortcodes in my posts and pages, but not in my custom page that i created.

For some reason, I added this in the beginning of my file and it solved the problem:

/* Template Name: page without author details */
/* Template Post Type: page */

(Yep, a comment in the beginning of the custom page )

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