I would like to know how to access my website using Ip address instead of domain. Like can used to access facebook.

My Website is: www.jijojose.me Server have multiple websites hosted.

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Open a Terminal or CMD and type ping www.jijojose.me then press Enter. The IP address listed it's the server's IP address.

However You won't be able to access you website this way (e.g. unless:

  1. You know the folder where it is located on the server, and your server has mod_userdir or similar extension enabled for the web server.

  2. The server it's configured to show by default your website when no valid host header is specified.

  • Thank You for the answer. Will check with godaddy about the mod_userdir extension.
    – Jijo Jose
    Jan 7, 2013 at 14:54

According to your domain lookup you have your site at GoDaddy, and they have faq here :


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