I'm displaying the content from one wordpress blog page on my server onto a different wordpress blog on the same server.

Apparently the only way is through RSS feed. The images don't show up.

I var_dumped the RSS object and there are no image paths.

How do I get the image paths, or the filename of the image?

Or how do I force the source blog to include the image information in the feed.


Images are in the feed, if the feed is a fullfeed, not a excerpt. Check the xml snytax in atom format for <content:encoded> or in RSS2 for <description>. In this tags you can find the images of the content.

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I ended up discovering that using RSS to port content between blogs is a fool's errand. Any outbound links will not be in the feed.

Connecting to the other blog's database also proved impossible.

I ended up just scraping the content from the other site with curl + simple_xml and echoing it into the other page.

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