I installed latest WordPress 3.5 in my CentOS server. When I tried accessing http://example.com/wp-includes/, I received a listing of the directory: (Index of wp-includes).

I added the following code at the top of .htaccess file, and it fixed the issue:

Options -Indexes
IndexIgnore .htaccess */.??* *~ *# */HEADER* */README* */_vti*

My problem

When I try accessing PHP files in wp-includes and wp-content using a web-browser (for example: http://example.com/wp-includes/class-smtp.php), it shows a blank screen. I think it should show "Permission denied" or something like this. Am I correct?

How can I achieve this? I'm concerned if my website is vulnerable to attacks. I am already aware of the Hardening WordPress article.

Here are my directory and file permissions:

  • wp-admin: 755
  • wp-content: 755
  • wp-includes: 755
  • Files have permission 644
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    Server response has nothing to do with security, what can you do with a blank screen and only read access, nothing.
    – Wyck
    Commented Dec 18, 2012 at 23:30

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The PHP files in the wp-includes directory will do nothing when accessed directly. They are designed to be include()'d in an existing PHP script, such as on the front-end or in the dashboard.

Your Options -Indexes entry in the .htaccess file simply prevents a list of the files in a directory when no index.php is present. It's good practice to use this on a live server. I'm not entirely sure what the second line does; you should most likely remove it.

If you're especially concerned about people attacking your server, you can prevent access to the wp-includes directory completely. To do this, create a .htaccess file inside the wp-includes folder with the following content:

Deny from all

If you want to protect your WordPress installation, one thing that I always do when I install WordPress is to protect my wp-admin folder (your login page). What I do is I create .htaccess file in wp-admin and allow only certain IPs to access this folder. I think there's some info on WordPress login page here: htaccess redirect

Also who is your host? Did you set this server up yourself? You should not be seing your index of wp-includes after you install WordPress. It has never happened to me before. :/

  • The login page (wp-login.php) isn't part of wp-admin
    – shea
    Commented Jan 17, 2013 at 6:28
  • Yes you are correct. I should have explained this a little better. You can still access your login page by going to domain.com/wp-login.php however, if you do allow only certain IPs to access the wp-admin folder, the ones that are not on the list will get a 403 , permission denied error.
    – beacon
    Commented Jan 17, 2013 at 15:16

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