I started using HeadSpace2, a meta plugin for WordPress, and it works great so far. I even managed to get the Google description that I wanted with it.

Let's call my website for "HomePage", and the head title is "Funny Stuff".
When people access the front page, it shows up as HomePage | HomePage | Funny Stuff.
If people click a link to a post, it says Funny Stuff | HomePage.

How do I fix so it only says HomePage | Funny Stuff and not HomePage | HomePage | Funny Stuff?

  • What theme do you use? Can you check the header.php for any special stuff when displaying the title? I believe Twenty Ten does something of its own on the front page that a plugin cannot catch, for example. (Use @Jan in your reply so I get a notification)
    – Jan Fabry
    Jan 24 '11 at 16:28
  • Check out the plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast: yoast.com/wordpress/seo It will sort out your <title> problems as well as on each post, gives you recommendations on keywords and what your Google SERP's listing will look like!
    – JBagley
    Sep 27 '11 at 13:42

In the theme's header.php look for the <title> tag. You'll probably find something like:

<title><?php bloginfo('name'); wp_title(); ?></title>

The wp_title() function spits out the blog name now so you can just remove the bloginfo() bit.

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