I am new to wordpress and learning to create plugins. I want to know how wordpress itself create options in 'wp_options' table for plugin during plugin installation or activation? How wordpress decide about these option values, which is sometimes serialized data?


There are some functions associated with manipulating the variables found in the wp_options table.

add_option(): Create a new value in the table. Example add_option('var_name', 'value') will store option_name = 'var_name' and option_value = 'value'. add_option() is used only when saving a value for the first time. Has an autoload parameter.

get_option(): Retrieve that value. Example: get_option('var_name') will return the string value.

update_option(). Will update the value of an option. Can also be used instead of add_option(), but it lacks the autoload parameter.

As for serializing data, Wordpress will do it automatically if you use the above options with an array.

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WordPress includes a Settings API, that handles all aspects of registering and updating options. I would strongly recommend using the Settings API rather than using add_option()/update_option() directly.

I've written a tutorial on implementing the Settings API in Themes; Plugins would be almost identical, except they would use add_options_page() instead of add_appearance_page().

More specific answers would require a more specific question.

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  • Sir, thanks for your reply. My specific question is, when I created one small plugin 'The Wall' given in book 'WordPress Plugin Development Beginner's Guide' by 'Vladimir Prelovac' and activated it, I found 'wp_wall' option get created in 'wp_options' table. I want to know, how wordpress created this option itself and how it decide about content of 'wp_wall' option? – user24726 Dec 13 '12 at 4:59

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