I sell a product using WP e-commerce that is downloadable only after I check some information that the customer sends me. After checking the information I would like to go to the WordPress dashboard, change the order status to "Job Dispatched", and have that trigger a new email to the customer with instructions on what to do next.

Any ideas or experience with attaching some trigger event or option to the "Job Dispatched" status change?

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I'd suggest you start by looking at action 'wpsc_purchase_log_update', which is triggered in wpsc-includes/purchase-log.class.php and passes the wpsc_purchase_log object. Test the $previous_status member of that object, and the new status value (might be in data member as $data['statusno']) == WPSC_Purchase_Log::JOB_DISPATCHED.

Something like this (untested):

add_action('wpsc_purchase_log_update', 'wpse_73707_wpscPurchaseLogUpdate');

* trigger event or option to the "Job Dispatched" status change
* @param WPSC_Purchase_Log $purchaseLog
function wpse_73707_wpscPurchaseLogUpdate($purchaseLog) {
    if ($purchaseLog->previous_status && $purchaseLog->data['statusno'] == WPSC_Purchase_Log::JOB_DISPATCHED) {
        // send your email ...

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