So I have many custom user profile fields.

When I use do_action( 'show_user_profile', $profileuser ); hook it displays all custom user profile fields..

But I would like to show only certain fields.

For example

add_action('show_user_profile', 'add_extra_profile_fields1');

function add_extra_profile_fields1() {
    // add extra profile fields to user edit page

add_action('show_user_profile', 'add_extra_profile_fields2');

function add_extra_profile_fields2() {
    // add extra profile fields to user edit page

Now is there a way to display only add_extra_profile_fields2 using show_user_profile hook?


You could either find the hook that is outputting all those extra fields and use remove_action on it.

Or you can just create your own hook:

do_action( 'my_theme_show_user_profile', $profile_user );

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