I have wordpress site that built in WordPress 2.9.2. I want to update this version in admin its give option for update old version to new that is update to 3.0.4.Can I do that without data loss.I am worried because of my database because this site is working.

Please provide me your suggestion.I shall be very thankful to you all

Thanks Shalu

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Yes you can upgrade without data loss.

As always, however, it's a good idea to backup your content before you do. WordPress has some great options available that makes exporting data really easy.


I have a question on the same topic...

I have a site that the Theme is VERY custom and I can no longer work with the developer. SHould I be worried about the theme no longer working in 3.0.4. and if so what is the easiest way for me to test my theme before upgrading?



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