I want to create a blog to share with my family, but random Internet strangers should not be able to read the posts.

How can I make posts hidden to the public, by default? I know I can manually edit the visibility of single posts while I edit them - one at a time.

Is there some global preference setting that I could set to "private"? That would have the benefit of also working with the Wordpress app for iPhone, as well as the "post-by-mail" feature of Jetpack. Both of these would otherwise publish a normal, public post.

Several old answers mention variants of the outdated "Members only" plugin - but this is outdated so not an option, even though it might have been a good solution. This plugin question also has the same goal, but it's aimed at plugin development, and the answers don't apply.

Is there really no (current) plugin that does this?

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I finally found something (I think): Network Privacy is currently in version 0.1.4 but looks just about right.

When installed, there's a new Privacy setting screen where I can choose, e.g.

I would like my site to be visible only to Site contributors.

Given that new users automatically get the permission level Subscribers when they sign up, this setting allows me to select among the registered users and promote them to the Contributor level.

When I visit the site without being logged in, or logged in as a Subscriber (lowest level of registered users) then I am redirected to the login screen that also includes the message:

[My site] can be viewed only by contributors and above.
Subscribers and logged-out users are not able to view this site.

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