In Django there is a debug toolbar that shows which template files and hooks are called while rendering a page.

Is there any plugin that shows which hooks are called for the current page in Wordpress?

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There sure is, I talk about some of those options in this Q&A here: Is there a flowchart for wordpress loading sequence?

Here is a very brief summary of what was said,

Want to see what actions get fired during a request? Take a look at this plugin by Toscho

Want to see what's hooked and where with what priority? Take a look at this plugin by Rarst

And there's also this plugin by Kaiser (Displays info about the current admin screen and its globals, contextual hooks)

There is also this plugin Debug Bar Action Hooks (requires Debugbar).

By no means is this list exclusive...


There is also this plug-in: https://github.com/stephenh1988/sh-hook-debug

Built by myself and based on my answer to this question: How can I find out what functions are assigned to actions?)

It adds a search to the admin bar, and allows you to search through all hooks that were used. Clicking that hook, you are presented with a list of functions hooked onto it. If it was called more than once, it has the hooked functions for each instance (as this may vary between calls).

sh-hook-debug screenshot

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