after searching I didn't find an answer still confused of how do I hide the
-> wp-content
--> uploads
--> themes
--> plugins
-> wp-includes in browser. What I want is when viewer browse some like this: http://www.mysite.ext/wp-content they will see an error: You don't have permission to access this page.
Other said that just upload index.html or index.php with .htaccess in the folder you want to hide. But what if I have many subfolder inside wp-content I will do that every folder manually? Or there is a way either in cpanel, or in .htaccess ? Suggestion please, thanks.

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Use in your .htaccess:

Options -Indexes

… to disable directory listings. See the Apache manual for details.

To restrict the access just to two URLs you might use:

RedirectMatch 204 ^/wp-content/$
RedirectMatch 204 ^/wp-content/dir/$

204 is the No Content response. Very fast. :)


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