I'm working on a site that uses the WP e-commerce plugin (Gold version) and I need to display a list of products that match a list of SKUs. Users fill in a form, and a list of product SKUs is generated depending on their answers. I need to create a page that fetches these products and displays them, preferably in the default grid view/list view style.

Any ideas how to do this? Looking through the documentation, I was expecting a "get_products()" function that could take the SKU as an argument, but there doesn't seem to be anything like that. How could I go about doing this?

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WP E-commerce uses WordPress post objects to store products, so you don't need any special functions or callbacks. query_posts will support everything you need, you can learn about the details of how everything is set up by reading about their database schema.

Specifically, the SKU is in the wp_postmeta table with a meta_key of _wpsc_sku.


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