I'm using wordpress social login plugin.. It uses HybridAuth library.

Here is a demo of HybridAuth library.

The wordpress plugin looks nice. But it generates a random email for most of the social sites.

This plugin doesn't offer email verification for the sites which doesn't offer verified email address.

I mean the plugin says

Currently only Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Foursquare do provide the verified user email

So for other sites it generates a random email address. This is the code which generates random email

// generate an email if none
        if ( ! isset ( $user_email ) OR ! is_email( $user_email ) ){
            $user_email = strtolower( $provider . "_user_" . $user_login ) . "@example.com";

        // email should be unique
        if ( email_exists ( $user_email ) ){
                $user_email = md5(uniqid(wp_rand(10000,99000)))."@example.com";
            } while( email_exists( $user_email ) );

I want all my accounts in my sites to be verified. So instead of generating random email I need a function that popup a form by asking the user to fill his/her email address.

And then when a user click submit it should send a confirmation link or randomly generated password to their email.

Can anyone help me to implement this.? Here is the full code which process the signup/login

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We at LoginRadius also provide social login, but as far as I know only Twitter does not provider email address while every other social networks do. I can't help you much here, but Try this plugin - it opens a pop-up asking users to enter their email address if its not supplied.

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