I have built a series of pages and sub pages in wordpress.

Then, using custom menus with 5 x top level menus and then sub-menus under 3 of these top level menus:

Menu 1
Menu 2
- Sub Menu 1
- Sub Menu 2
Menu 3
Menu 4
- Sub Menu 1
- Sub Menu 2
- Sub Menu 3
- Sub Menu 4
Menu 5
- Sub Menu 1
- Sub Menu 2

Whenever I click on Menu 5 -> Sub Menu 1 OR Sub Menu 2 I get "Nothing Found for: Sub Menu 1"

I've just gone back into the page editor and clicked "View Page" and I get the same error. The pages I've created cannot be viewed. I can view all other Sub Menu Pages in all other menus except the last menu.

I thought the url might be too long but it is no longer than any other URL in any other sub menu?

ANy Ideas?

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I figured it out.

The menu name was "Search" so wordpress redirected the subpages to the wordpress search results page and was assuming the search functionality.

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    Please explain that with more details, and mark your question as answered afterwards.
    – fuxia
    Nov 5, 2012 at 2:12

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