I have a small e-commerce site in WordPress and I am having some difficulties in getting the right permalink structure.

Basically, for basic pages it should look like: domainname.com/page_title

Other post types should have the structure: domainname.com/post_type_slug/item_title

Everything is fine except for the blog posts. I want it to look like: domainname.com/blog/post_title

Having the permalink setting as %postname%, I get domainname/post_title. On the other hand, /%category%/%postname% returns domainname.com/category/post_title. Obviously, entering /blog/%postname% won't work either because that would affect the permalinks of other post types.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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    You don't specify if you're using regular WordPress pages/posts or if you're using a plugin such as WP e-commerce or WooCommerce. Can you clarify this? – Steve Nov 4 '12 at 14:09

Actually, /blog/%postname% is the correct setting for permalinks in this case. The /blog/ portion of the permalink will only be added to custom post types if they have been registered using the rewrite => with_front parameter set to true.

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