Just wondering what the best way to get the top-most level category (grandparent) of a given category assuming it has one?

Example structure:

Operating Systems - Mac - - Mountain Lion - Windows - - Windows XP

I want to be able to somehow get the ID of the "Operating Systems" category from within the Windows XP category.

Any suggestions?

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You could write a simple function to do this each time you need to. Here's an example I found on this website.

function pa_category_top_parent_id( $catid ) {
    while( $catid ) {
        $cat = get_category( $catid ); // get the object for the catid
        $catid = $cat->category_parent; // assign parent ID (if exists) to $catid
        // the while loop will continue whilst there is a $catid
        // when there is no longer a parent $catid will be NULL so we can assign our $catParent
        $catParent = $cat->cat_ID;
    return $catParent;

Then you can use this function anywhere like so:

$catid = get_query_var( 'cat' );
echo pa_category_top_parent_id( $catid );

Reading the comments in the code it is pretty self-explanatory. Hope this helps.

  • Awesome! I was thinking along the lines of this. But you nailed it! Thanks!
    – dmarges
    Nov 2, 2012 at 19:50

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