I am getting the red failed error when trying to send a message.

I referred to the FAQ and this is the extent of help available:

"There are really various reasons for server side problems, so I can’t explain exactly what yours is. But experiences of other users who solved their problem might be helpful for you."

Not helpful at all! I don't really want or expect someone else to solve my problem, all I want is some debugging guidance to see the error that is being produced so I can debug it myself!

How can I see the actual error that is occurring instead of the generic "failed" message?

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This is actual mail server trouble, where email cannot be sent. This link will useful. http://angstrey.com/index.php/2009/04/22/how-to-send-e-mail-with-wordpress-from-godaddy-windows-hosting/

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    Thanks but that doesn't help debug my issue. There must be something wrong somewhere - I'd prefer to try and fix it before just trying a new method of sending emails (considering I'm using Contac Form 7 on many other websites without a problem) There must be some way to view the response headers? – php-b-grader Oct 29 '12 at 8:07

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