I have a huge problem: I want to have nice URL's on my Homepage. I got a custom post type and taxonomies. Now I want to have a URL like that:

www. mydomain .com/videos(Category)/funny(Taxonomy)/the-video(Post)


www. mydomain .com/videos(Category)/sport(Taxonomy)/the-video(Post)

How do I get this? I am searching for about a year now...


Following the steps below will make your permalinks look like: www.mydomain.com/videos(Category)/the-video(Post)

  1. Visit the Settings > Permalinks page of your WordPress administration dashboard.

  2. Select the Custom Structure option, and enter this value:


  3. Click Save Changes

There currently is no way (that I know of) to include the taxonomy in the permalink. One way around this is to instead assign subcategories, which will be incuded in the permalink.

eg: www.mydomain.com/videos(Category)/funny(Subcategory)/the-video(Post)

You can convert your existing taxonomies into top-level categories by visiting the Tools > Import page, and using the Categories and Tags Converter.

You can then convert the top-level categories into subcategories on the Posts > Categories page.

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