I am looking to do something similar to this plugin which adds an "FB-Debugger" link on the admin of pages/posts: http://xlino.com/projects/facebook-debug-link-wordpress-plugin/

However, I'd like to make this even more automated by sending the post url directly to the Facebook Debugger on publish or re-publish by opening the debugger in a new browser tab with the results for the url. This seems pretty possible because the url that would be passed to the debugger looks like


I guess my question is how can I automatically open up a new tab with:


a second or two after the post is published or changed (there would need to be time delay for FB to find the post) ?

I know a little PHP and it seems like a pretty simple command, but what core WP file would I edit? Im using WP 3.3.1 . I've done some frontend template tweaking but nothing that changes or adds on to the admin.


  • oh, this is a plugin I wrote, few years ago ;-) There's now an extra button in Facebook's debugger to re-scrape the meta data (clear the cache). So it doesn't auto-scrape, like it used to do, where your idea would have been possible. – birgire Aug 27 '15 at 14:04

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