Hello everyone I am creating a theme dedicates to hotels display and booking in which I have created a custom post type 'Hotels' so now I want a mechanism to book the hotel rooms and a "book now" button in the hotel page to book the room which will send a request to the admin and also send an acknowledgement mail to the user for this I thought if I make some changes in comments form for post type hotel and display the comments form throw a comments_popup_link(); and add some more meta fields throw add_comments_meta();

But the question is how can I display the different custom comments(book now) requests in the admin panel with all the comments meta information related to the comments. Is it possible or do I have to think of some different mechanism to do what I'm expecting.

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This is possible : you can fetch the comments form the database in the admin side in the same way you would do it on the client side with get_comments.

Now the question is : where exactly, in the admin side, do you want to display you custom comments ? You can for example create a meta box in the Hotel edit page. Or you can create a single custom admin page where all the booking will be listed.

  • Thanks Fabien but all of the comments are listed in the comments option with the approve, edit, delete functionality so is there any way I can display those comments for the custom posts(hotel ) in the meta box under costum post type (hotel) option with same functionality to edit, delete, approve Oct 20, 2012 at 6:21
  • You can do that, but not very easily. Open the wp-admin/edit-comments.php file and study the PHP code : you should find all what you need. Oct 21, 2012 at 20:00

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