Is there a way to display the page url or permalink instead of the page title on


I am doing some A/B testing and some pages have the same title, but a different URL.

Also I may experiment from time to time with a different title. I know all my pages by URL and would prefer to see this in the list of pages.


Filter 'the_title' on the screen with the list table of your post type.
The pattern for the initial hook is: manage_edit-post_type_name_columns.

Sample code:

// replace 'post' with the post type name you want to catch.
add_filter( 'manage_edit-post_columns', 'wpse_67171_title_to_url' );

 * Replace the default title with its permalink.
 * @param  string $title
 * @param  int $id Post ID
 * @return string
function wpse_67171_title_to_url( $title, $id = 0 )
    if ( 'the_title' !== current_filter() )
        add_filter( 'the_title', __FUNCTION__, 10, 2 );
        return $title;
    // strip domain name
    return parse_url( get_permalink( $id ), PHP_URL_PATH );


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