I have a post-meta field for Neighborhood. I want to setup a url like: url.com/neighborhood/NEIGHBORHOOD-NAME

I know this would typically be handled by a CPT or custom taxonomy but it has to be done with a post-meta field in this case.

I also want this to use a custom template, not one of the standard templates.

I can easily link to the url but it returns a 404 page because nothing is associated with it.

Wordpress doesn't know what content to grab. Any ideas?

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There's the core function add_*/get_query_arg() that you can use to append stuff to the query and retrieve it.

So simply add a link somewhere, that points to your custom post types single.php template


Then append the query arg which would be ?wpse_meta_key=wpse_some_val and then do a switch on top of your template:

if ( 'wpse_some_val' === get_query_arg( 'wpse_meta_key' ) )
    get_template_part( 'special_query_template' );
    // do default stuff

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