I am trying to figure out how to paginate a post for it's images. I have a custom post type set up to act like a gallery - images only. And would like to paginate the images. I am having a hard time trying to figure out where to start with this.

I am using get_posts() within the loop to get the images attached to the post. I would like to set it up so 30 images display per page.

Any idea where I should start? Or do I need to alter the way I have this gallery feature set up in WP?

Thanks in advance!


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You could use paginate_links() to paginate the total gallery. This highly depends on your permalink settings. The best would be to check other answers on that topic here on WPSE.

Next/Prev post links for attachments.

Than there's also the task to navigate on single attachment display.

Default API function/template tag

There's the adjacent_post_link() function that can link to the next or previous post - an attachment is a post of the type "attachment". It echos the output filtered by

apply_filters( "{$adjacent}_post_link", $format, $link );

where $adjacent is previous or next.


     '%link'        // format
    ,'%date/%title' // link
    ,false          // in_same_cat
    ,''             // excluded_categories
    ,false          // next/previous (previous = true)

Inner Details

If the post title of the attachment is empty, it gets replaced by a "Previous/Next Post" text. This title then has all the_title filter callback functions attached. You'd need to remove them if you don't want this:

function wpse66660_attachment_remove_title_cbs( $title, $id )
    is_attachment() AND remove_all_filters( current_filter() );

    return $title;
add_filter( 'the_title', 'wpse66660_attachment_remove_title_cbs', 100, 2 );


As you've seen above ↑, there're three "tags", that you can use: %link, %date and %title.

The output of the function would be something like the following:

'<a href="'.get_permalink($post).'" rel="prev/next">' . $link . '</a>'

Now %title gets replaced by the post title and %date replaced by the post date. This allows you to add any custom value to the HTML-anchor tag.

The %link allows you to replace everything that is in the final string (HTML-anchor + link + rel + value) with something custom that aligns with your permalink settings.

  • Thanks for this! I should have mentioned that I am also using the prettyPhoto jQuery gallery plugin. The galleries could have a load of images in them as well. So the question is how to do I paginate but still keep them all in the gallery that pops up. Or should I be using some kind of lazy loader for images? Not sure how the code you presented would fit into using the prettyPhoto gallery plugin. Thanks!
    – dkmojo
    Oct 1, 2012 at 15:40
  • Please update your question with a) the plugin name and b) a link to the plugin.
    – kaiser
    Oct 1, 2012 at 15:49

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