Assume this is my site name : www.example.com.

I saw different websites have different themes in a site. For example I want to have different themes for www.example.com and www.example.com/othertheme. I know it should have different database for that. But how?


This is one of the best use cases for WordPress Multisite. There are some plugins (like this one) that do this on a per-page or per-category basis, but I've never used them.

Multisite has a lot of nice advantages (network-wide updates, user management, etc), along with some fun extra bugs (a lot of the recent core security updates have been for multisite-specific issues) and plugins that don't work on multisite.

I would recommend reading "Don't Use WordPress Multisite" from .org support guru @ipstenu first, but it sounds like your use case is a good one for multisite.

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