I have jetpack enabled on wordpress 3.4.2 install. However the Facebook and Twitter share buttons don't work.

Whenever one clicks on the Facebook or the Twitter button, a new window pops-up with the same page and the share=facebook at the end of the URL

Here is the blog with the issue: http://karba.la


There is a jQuery event hooked to that link. Here is the function that is called whenever you click one of the sharing links:

function (){
    window.open( jQuery(this).attr( 'href' ), 'wpcomtwitter', 'menubar=1,resizable=1,width=600,height=350' );
    return false;

This is added by the JetPack plugin and will attempt to open a dialog window with the url http://karba.la/?share=twitter&nb=1 in a window called wpcomtwitter. The window is opening, but something is breaking inside the window such that it doesn't redirect to Twitter appropriately.

The thing is, opening a developer console on your site yields several hundred JavaScript errors, so something is intercepting the script callbacks and preventing it from working. We have no way to tell what exactly is going on, though.

Try disabling everything but JetPack and see if that fixes it.

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