I want to give linebreak on Wordpress theme's description in style.css (the one in here):

Theme Name: 
Theme URI: 
Author URI: 

But it appears the formatting doesn't allow any linebreak. When I tried writing on the line below it, the text won't appear. I tried adding /n as a mean to add linebreak, but the /n/ wasn't read as linebreak.

Is it not possible to add linebreaks in Wordpress theme's description? I think linebreaks may be useful when theme designer wants to outline something in points/bullets (what I've been trying; that is I want to outline several features of the theme).

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Is it not possible to add linebreaks in Wordpress theme's description?


Sorry, to say - the question is valid, but I can't come up with a longer answer. Wouldn't make sense to explain the internals on this topic :)

  • Oh, ok! I wasn't expecting a long answer too :) Just want to know whether it's possible or not. Perhaps it could serve some use if it's made possible in future development. :?
    – deathlock
    Sep 26, 2012 at 2:25

According to WP Source code you can add some HTML to your description: <a>, <abbr>, <acronym>, <code>, <em>, <strong>, but no elements with the display: block element.
\n and <br> do not work.
No way to add a line break, but possible to make it look nicer with HTML elements mentioned above.


You can also use HTML entities, such as &amp;nbsp; (non-breaking space), so you can force a line-break by using these instead of normal spaces between the first few words of your new line, eg.

This is the first line.  This&nbsp;is&nbsp;the&nbsp;second&nbsp;line bla-bla-bla`<br />
will render:<br /><br />
&emsp;This is the first line<br />
&emsp;This is the second line bla-bla-bla-bla ...

Messy, but it does the trick. I also use &nbsp; when I don't want a name split by a line-break, eg. Joe&nbsp;Bloggs. Just don't use too many &amp;nbsp;s together, else it will overflow the page.

Also note &lt;span&gt; statements don't work either.

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