I've been searching around for a Form plugin that would allow me built a participation for in my blog so users can win some stuff.

My needs are: - From with custom fields each give away; - A user can only participate once... - Option to export the data to excel, csv or something (optional).

I've tried Form Maker it's almost perfect but it allows the user to participate multiple times.

Can someone suggest a plugin to do it? Thank you!


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Just wondering if in your searches on WordPress.org -- did you try these keywords Polls Surveys Competition Lester Gamerz WP-Polls is probably what you need

And wondering ... did you try searching WordPress.org for the Poll or Survey or Competition in Portugese? or English?

  • The don't actually fit my needs, I'm developing one right now. Thanks anyway.
    – TCB13
    Sep 21, 2012 at 18:01

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