I know this is probably going to sound like a beginner question ... to which it is in some sort.

I have this statement in my one plugin that i am working on:

add_post_meta($newpostid, 'name', $formdata['your-first-name'].$formdata['your-last-name']);

Which in turn will add FirstnameLastname in a custom field.

What i would like to do is add a space between the first and last name like this:

Firstname Lastname

I have tried using statements such as:

add_post_meta($newpostid, 'name', $formdata['your-first-name']. echo '&nbsp' . $formdata['your-last-name']);

But obviously that is not going to parse correctly. Is there any Idea on how I can achieve this?

Any help would be welcome. :)

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Do this instead:

add_post_meta($newpostid, 'name', $formdata['your-first-name'] . ' ' . $formdata['your-last-name']);

This uses PHP string concatenation to add a space; the echo isn't necessary in in this instance because WP will do it itself, later. You probably can't force a non-breaking space there, either, since WP will escape all its output.


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