I am developing a social sharing widget. It has Facebook sharing option too. I wrote the following link structure for it but when clicked, the page neither displays the link to share, nor the title and decription. Please help out. Thanks

<a href="http://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?u=<?php get_permalink();?>&t=<?phpthe_title();?>">
  • Does rest of widget appear? Does anything appear in page source? You are missing space before function call in <?phpthe_title();?> – Rarst Sep 19 '12 at 10:24
  • @Rarst "social widget" = "sidget". Mhm. Learning new things every day. :) – kaiser Sep 19 '12 at 10:27
  • @Rarst: Thanks for pointing tht out. I fixed that out. The problem is still there :( – Fahad Uddin Sep 19 '12 at 10:35

You can try using this:

$title = get_the_title( $post_id );
$url = urlencode( get_permalink( $post_id ) );

<a class="fb" target="_blank" href="http://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?s=100&p[title]=<?php echo $title; ?>&p[url]=<?php echo $url; ?>">Share</a>


<a href="http://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?u=
<?php echo get_permalink( $post->ID );?>&t=
<?php echo get_the_title( $post->ID );?>">

I've broken the link up onto separate lines for legibility so you can see what's going on..

Use, <?php echo get_permalink(); ?> and <?php echo get_the_title(); ?> and as Rarst mentioned be mindful of your syntax making sure to put a space between <?php [and your function call]...etc


If your widget is outside of the post loop then you will need to pass the Post ID (on single pages, use get_the_ID()) to both get_the_title and get_permalnik.

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