I haven't ever seen a tag such as do_action('something_10'). Is it invalid if I use numbers?

If the method is valid, how can I write different numbers in the tag string conditionally? For example, is the following code correct($grade is the number)?


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  1. When you "hook"/add_action/*_filter('whatever'); a callback function to do_action('whatever');, then you basically add the function (or object-method) name to the global $wp_filters-array.
  2. Doing so, you add the function/method name to an array that is built like the following

    $wp_filter[ $tag ][ $priority ][ $idx ]
    // $tag = action/filter name
    // $priority = 3rd argument / execution order
    // $idx = "unique" name
  3. Not the 3rd argument/$idx is built using the _wp_filter_build_unique_id() function, that takes the first args from add_action/*_filter().
  4. Inside this function, every function name stays the same, only method names change. This is the reason, why you often find "funky" method names, prefixed with a pretty long number.

Can I add numbers after letters in do_action tag?

So yes, numbers are completely valid when naming action hooks. Summed up, it's save to use a-zA-Z0-9_ as function/method/variable names. - is not supported. And while some characters might work well on your system, it mostly depends on the encoding if your chosen function name (example: _wUT?a_nice_DÄY!()) works or not. WordPress itself does not check if a function/var/hook/filter/whatever name is valid or not.

Addition to @BrianFegter answer about "contextual hooks".

You can see some "contextual hooks", when you take a look at the »help«-panel in (any) screen in your (MU or single) installation, using this plugin1).

enter image description here enter image description here

1) Plugin inspired by @StephenHarris article.


Yes, you can dynamically create your own action hooks. WordPress has several dynamic hooks like admin_head-hookname and admin_footer-hookname. new_grade_$n is a valid hook name.

  • Thanks! Then, should I use "_$n" or "-$n" ?
    – Jenny
    Sep 14, 2012 at 1:21
  • @Jenny Whatever your preference is. :) Sep 14, 2012 at 2:06

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