In a multisite system I need editorial accounts with custom rights. Therefore I have chosen the members plugin. As I do have lots of sites, creating and synching the roles for all sites becomes quite tedious.

a) is it possible to manage my roles for all sites globally (network-wise)?
b) would you suggest to use a different plugin?


You can't use Members to do exactly what you want. I use WP eBooks' "Network Roles" in tandem with Members to accomplish what you want: http://wpebooks.com/network-roles/

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  • Thx. Haven't bought it (yet), but will give you an update, when I've done so. – SunnyRed Sep 11 '12 at 17:31

User Role Editor has Multisite capability.

user role manager multisite

And from the changelog:

3.6 = 30.04.2012
- WordPress multi-site: when new blog created default role setting is copied for it from the main blog default role value now.

3.5 = 19.02.2012 - User Role Editor could be available now for single site administrators (Administrator role) under multi-site environment. You should define URE_ENABLE_SIMPLE_ADMIN_FOR_MULTISITE constant in your blog wp-config.php file for that. Insert this line “define(‘URE_ENABLE_SIMPLE_ADMIN_FOR_MULTISITE’, 1);” there, if you decide to give single site admin such opportunity.

3.2 = 25.07.2011
- If you run multi-site WordPress network, User Role Editor will automatically duplicate all roles from the main blog (blog with mininal ID) to every new created blog.

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