I want data submitted through Contact Form 7 to be sent as an attachment as opposed to text / html inside the email body.

Specifically I want this attachment to be in CSV format, which should be relatively straight forward to format based on the contact form 7 fields, but this depends upon whether it is possible to place this text into an attachment.

Is this possible? Thank you.

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Without any coding you can use the Contact Form 7 to Database Extension plugin which has the ability to export the posted data as CSV.

And if you are up for some coding then you can hook the wpcf7_before_send_mail action hook with your own function to create the csv form the $_POST data and sent it.

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    Thank you, I used the wpcf7_before_send_mail action hook, along with the fputcsv php function and it worked nicely :) – Josh Sep 9 '12 at 13:31
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    @Josh know this is an oldie, but I'm now looking to do something similar. Care to share your implementation? – rambillo Mar 18 '17 at 19:56

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